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At Cartonsa, we specialize in paper converting services, including slitting, rewinding, and saw cutting large paper rolls into precise dimensions. Our expertise facilitates the production of tailored paper products for core manufacturers, food packaging companies, and various industries. Additionally, we provide efficient flexo printing services to meet your specific printing requirements, ensuring both productivity and quality outcomes.


Paper Slitting and Rewinding Services

From food packaging to core manufacturers and paper board businesses, our precision paper slitting and rewinding services cater to a diverse range of sectors. With a commitment to turnkey solutions, we ensure precise cutting for your paper rolls, delivering excellence at every turn.


Paper Roll Saw


Our paper roll saw services, include specializing in resizing and rewinding larger diameter or width paper and paperboard rolls. Whether it's salvaging damaged paper rolls or optimizing valuable inventory assets, we provide precise saw cutting solutions to meet your specific needs. Trust us to expertly handle your paper roll resizing requirements with precision and care.

Flexo Printing

Discover high-quality paper flexography printing services tailored to diverse paper roll types and basis weights. Our expertise ensures vibrant, precise printing on a range of papers, meeting your unique specifications with exceptional results. Explore our comprehensive solutions for all your paper-based printing needs.

Printing Machine
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