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About Us



Since 2001 with it’s strong suppliers  and reliable customers overseas,Cartonsa Inc. has been growing rapidly.

By understanding and fulfilling our customer needs,we always offer a long term and reliable business.

One of our most important goal is to create  a ‘’win-win’’ situation both for our supplier and customers.


We do not evaluate the market needs and our strategies for short term periods.

On the contrary,we make long term analysis by taking necessary steps in order to achieve our goals.

Creative Solutions

Blending 20 years of  paper roots with our engineering background.

Our long-standing commitment and dedication to our business has positioned us to expand and grow continuously. We have put innovation and efficiency at the heart of our strategy and business model. By blending  years of paper expertise with our engineering background, we are continuously investing and developing in new grades and markets. From baking papers to shopping bags, greaseproof paper grades to tea bags, textile transfer papers to interleaving market, we are active in various sectors.

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Local Expertise

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Presenting the strength of a consolidated local approach for unique business models.

Creating significant value for customers by aligning all stages of the supply chain to perfection and consolidating movements of goods as and where possible.What makes us so unique is that, we close the gap between papermills and local end users, speaking your language and understanding your needs.

Global Partnership

Local expertise with a global presence,

spanning over five continents

in the pulp and paper industry.

We pride ourselves with the quality and effectiveness of our integrated Logistics Management System which serves as the glue between our core functions and our global network. By managing the shipping process from inland to overseas, we are transforming export operations cost-efficiently, rapidly and problem-free.

This position us for productive business models globally.

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